Release Criteria and Testing

Release Criteria

  1. Duration:

    • The system must meet the below criteria for a period of 4 weeks. The duration re-starts whenever a defect that meets the defect criteria (listed below) is patched on the nodes in scope.

    • The first duration starts with feature complete.

  2. Load:

    • While in test net, an average of 10,000 transactions must be processed per day for the Duration.

    • These transactions can come from any origin.

  3. Scope:

    • The root chain only.

  4. Stability:

    • The test net must remain up, without any interruptions to service for the entire Duration. The system must accept new bonding requests and unbonding requests during this time.

  5. Defects:

    • No ‘Very High’ or ‘High’ (see definition below) bugs can be filed against the system for the Duration

  6. Features & Fixes

    • The system is feature complete.

    • The version of the software that is running for the Duration has no more than 2 new pull requests within it. Those pull requests are bug fixes only.

Definition of a Very High or High defect:

  • Any issue that causes a consensus failure, or nodes fail to add blocks to the blockdag.

  • Any issue that adversely affects the performance of the network.

  • Any issue related to security.

  • Any issue that causes a node to crash.